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Heather Dixon, Salem’s Principal, asked me to forward on her appreciation and thanks for all the time given to the Holiday Gift Store and Bake Sale.

I equally want to echo those sentiments and again thank Jenn D & Jen Jones for their organization and commitment to this fundraising event – their FOURTH year in a row! THANK YOU!

I sometimes forget that this is actually a fundraiser and not simply something we do to help the kids have the opportunity to give a little something of their own choosing to their family members.  And of course, the community building that comes with the care and attention with which our ‘shopping assistant’ volunteers tend to the kids cannot be underestimated in both their short term and long term influence.

In case you were curious the final tally from the two day event was:

Holiday Gift Store – 1139.81 (Monday)

Bake Sale & HGS   –  756.50 (Tuesday)

 Grand Total       – 1896.31


Now our challenge is to dream something mighty to do with the fruits of our collective labour!

Thank you each for the time and talents you so willing give to our team as you are able.

Brian N.

President, Salem Home & School Association