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Next Meeting – Dec. 15th, 2016

Our next meeting will be as follows:

WHEN: Thursday, December 15th

WHERE: Salem School Library

TIME: 6:30pm

WHO: Everyone is welcome – members and non-members.

We will also be using this time to help prepare for our Holiday Gift Store fundraiser taking place the following day – Friday, the 16th.

Children are always welcome too!

Hope to see you there!!

Meeting Minutes – November 18, 2015




Wednesday, November 18th, 2015 @ 6:30 pm


Brian Neilson, Matt Ripley (Vice Principal), Lucy Evans (Staff Representative), Sara Harper, Becky Goodwin, Heidi Jones, Courtney Hay, Agnes Koller, Karen Piercey

Regrets: Jenn Duskocy, Samara Eaton


Agenda approved


  • The Home and School Association donated $250 following a request from the kindergarten teachers last yearThese funds went to sprucing up the playground and to some toys (dolls)
  • We should follow up with the kindergarten teachers as to whether that funding was enough.Action Item: Courtney to follow-up with kindergarten teachers regarding the donation we made to the playground (is there anything else with kindergarten maintenance that needs revisiting?)


The current balance is $4,800.00

  • With the exception of bench curtains, all costs related to the art room have been covered.
  • It was mentioned that we may need to give Megan some money for her time. We will need to total up all expenses.
  • Two cheques will be coming out of this account (including one for new carpet in the music room) so the final balance is likely around $4,000.
  • Out of our total budget, we use approximately:
    • 20% to keep us in business
    • 40% for performances/experiences
    • 40% for projects like the art room.
  • We received a request from the Kindergarten team asking for funds to purchase supplies for the playground. There are approximately 60 children. This topic was discussed at length and it was decided that H&S would give $250.00.   


Action Item: Lucy to remind everyone at the next staff meeting about putting in funding requests to the Hone & School Association (and outline how to do it).

  • Brian raised concerns about the current state at Salem and said we should think about where we can contribute.
  • Lucy mentioned that it is report card time and that there will be relief after parent teacher interviews. Lucy also mentioned that high school teachers are given specific marking days but elementary school teachers do all report cards on their own time, so it is a stressful time for staff.
  • Brian asked what we can do to help out on our end.


  • Book Boxes
  •   The Ward/Tingley classrooms put in a request for hard plastic student boxes. Following this request, surveys were conducted in most classrooms to assess the need of a student book box. Most classrooms indicated that they use them and would like a more permanent, hard plastic option.
  • Plastic bins at Scholar’s Choice are $10 each (only $4 at Ikea).
  • It was mentioned that we could put in one order of 100 this year and 100 next year
  • Brian would like some movement on this before the end of 2015 and at least buy the 40 needed for the Ward/Tingley classrooms (this could at least be a pilot). It was agreed that the Home & School Association would approve spending of no more than $7.50 per box.
  • Action Item: Heidi to call Scholar’s Choice and Staples to inquire about bulk pricing on book boxes.Curtains for Art RestART
  • Curtains to finish the bench in the art room are being sewn and should be up by the end of this week and then the room will be completed!
  •  Music Room Carpet
  • This has recently been purchased.
  • Open Gym Nights: November 20th and 27th, 6:30-8:00 pm.


  • November 27th is a PD day and the town of Sackville has not planned any events. It was suggested that parents could drop their kids off in the gym during parent teacher interviews in the afternoon. This open gym time could begin at 1:00 pm and wrap up by 4:00-5:00 pm. The following considerations/questions were discussed: Would we have open gym time in the afternoon instead of or in addition to the already scheduled evening time? Could we find organizers/volunteers? Someone would need to monitor the hallway and ensure there was no noise in the hallways. Parents could volunteer in two hour shifts, but all volunteers would need background checks if children would be left in the gym while their parent(s) were in the interview. Is there a list of Mount A students with police checks that could possibly help out? After some discussion, it was decided that we would consider this for the next PD day and not on the 27th.

Holiday Gift Store:

  • Brian talked to Jenn and it was proposed that this will be held December 11th. This will be the third annual Holiday Gift Store. Courtney raised the issue that many kindergarten children don’t know to bring money. It was discussed that we should create a flyer of these events.

Holiday Concert Bake Sale:

  • The bake sale ran last year during the afternoon concert.
  • Lucy asked if we can have a bake sale in the hallway leading into the school. Matt said maybe half of cafeteria (the multipurpose room) could be used for a bake sale (last year some kids were funneled through the multipurpose room for the concert). Action Item: Becky will send out a request for helpers for the bake sale. It was suggested that she send an email to the whole list of volunteers.

#Earth to Paris:

  • This was an idea to see if we could enhance awareness of climate change in children and add to the curriculum, but more lead time was needed and Matt thinks teachers did not know exactly what was going on. An idea like this needs to be presented and communicated differently in the future.   Perhaps something could be organized in time for Earth Day. Courtney asked if the Home &School Association could do anything to share topics between home and school. It was suggested that we focus on school ground naturalization.

Salem Under the Stars: Friday, January 22nd, 2016.

  • Action Item: Invite Mike Fox and Josette to the next meeting and make this an agenda item for the next meeting.
  • This event will take place both inside and outside at Salem.
  • During this event last year, the Tantramar Family Resource Center provided pizza and veggie sticks (something similar will likely happen this year).
  • There will be pajama story time and Andrew Black from Black Bowser Comics has already agreed to come and tell stories (we have had Allison Butcher in the past).
  • Representatives from Mount Allison University Astronomy will be present. Some children missed this event last year because it wasn’t long enough.
  • Children can walk around the trails, listen to stories in the pirate ships (we will need more candles).
  • Brian suggested putting out a donation jar (events associated with the Tantramar Family Resource stuff have to be free).
  • Lucy suggested glow in the dark items, including glow sticks, balloons, balls to put reflector tape on, etc.
  • It was mentioned that if it snows, we could ask Miss Dobbin about borrowing crazy carpets, snow shoes, etc.


  • There has been a request for Think Tanks: Computation and Number Sense for each of one grade 2, 3, and 4 classes (three in total). This is a program that helps challenge students who are doing really well with the curriculum. After students finish their work, they can take a card back to their desk and work quietly. Brian thinks it would help with classroom dynamics and keep students busy. These have been purchased from Origo Education for the Ward/Lafford/Tingley classrooms.


  •  The Home & School Association should be advertised. It was suggested that we take over half of the community board in the front hallway at Salem.
  • Lucy suggested that we have a plaque outside the art room to recognize the donors. Agnes suggested painting the door and writing a message indicating who was involved in the Art restART project. Courtney and Agnes will look into this. Students could possibly get involved. It was also suggested that we redo the window covering behind the door (this has to be covered because of lockdown procedures).
  • There has been recent talk of painting the risers on the stairs and including, for example, the multiplication table. We will talk about this more in the new year.
  • Action Item: Heidi to remind everyone that we need membership dues.

Our next meeting will be held on January 13th, 6:30 pm at Salem Elementary SchoolTHANK YOU EVERYONE! Meeting was adjourned at 8:15.


Welcome to our 2015/2016 School year!

We will be kicking off a new school year by holding our first meeting in the art room after “Meet the Teacher” night on Wednesday, September 16th at 7:00pm.

Stop by to join us but also see what the HSA accomplished throughout the Summer while making over the art room with funds raised at the Salem Summer Send-Off.

Hope to see you there!