Minutes – February 15, 2017



Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 @ 6:30pm

Salem Elementary School Library

 In Attendance: Brian Neilson, Becky Goodwin, Natasha Wilson, Mary Dixon, Mireille Savoie, Kathleen Mills and Heidi Jones.

 Regrets: Karen Piercey, Shelly Anderson, Monique Tower, Sara Harper, Agnes Koller, Sam Eaton, Corinna Power, and Catherine Gray.


Moved by Heidi Jones and seconded by Tasha Wilson that the committee approve the Agenda as circulated.


Moved by Becky Goodwin and seconded by Tasha Wilson January 18th, 2016 meeting as circulated.


A Thank You was received from Mme. Gaudet’s class who went skating with funds received from the committee.


This item was discussed for information purposes only.

Opening Balance                                 $4,585.00

Less: Cheques Outstanding                $   300.00

Closing Balance                                  $4,285.00

Note: The closing balance does not include any deductions for the Spider Web project that funds have been noted for, or the soccer nets that have been agreed to be purchased at a future date.


  1. Fundraiser – Dance

As opposed to a basic Open Gym Night, it was decided that as a kick-off to March Break the gym would be divided into two sections – one for Open Gym Night and one side for a dance. Tasha offered to provide decorations and a music play list.

2. Fundraiser – Paint Night

Becky reported that the paint night fundraiser has been approved by “Paint Night”. She noted that she would head organizing the event with the company and would be able to provide more information at the next meeting. Some of the basics known to date are: Max participants = 40, Fundraising Dollars = $15.00/ticket sale. It was decided that the funds would be used to cover the upcoming costs of the soccer nets and the white board for the Art Room.

  1. Salem Summer Send-Off – Prep

The group held a basic discussion on the upcoming Salem Summer Send-Off and briefed the new committee members at length. Some of the activities that are were proposed for the event are as follows:

  • Dunk Tank (Volunteers already found)
  • Canteen (operated by Rotary Club)
  • Nature NB (Tasha to look into)
  • Bake Sale and Cake Walk (The Jen’s to organize)
  • Bouncy Castle
  • Dance/Entertainment in the gymnasium
  • Touch a Truck (Sackville Fire Dept)
  • Petting Zoo (Touch base with Cattail Ridge Market. Optional = 4-H Club.)
  • Helicopter Tours
  • Face Painting
  • EOS Solar Power Demonstration
  • Raffle Basket (Tasha to organize)
  • Reading by Local Author (Kathleen to look into)

Items required to improve upon last year’s event:

  • Canopy for petting zoo to protect animals from the elements
  • List of invitees
  • Map & Directional Signage for activity stations


Previous Requests

Wall Painting:

The Grade 1 Team’s Spider Web Wall Painting project is moving forward, and is still being looked into. Further information at the next meeting.

Soccer Net:

This item is moving forward. Funds to be sought from Paint Night Fundraiser event.

Breakfast Program:

The funds that were approved for the Breakfast Program for the purchase of plates and glassware are pending being spent.

Donation to Art Room:

The $100 for supplies for the Art Room are pending.

Activity Day:

This event was held on February 15th. Update at the next meeting.


Staff Appreciation Day:

Moved by Heidi Jones and seconded by Tasha Wilson that $200 be approved to be put towards Staff Appreciation Day in April 2017.

Library Upgrades:

The group discussed this item in length. It is felt that the Home and School Association would like to be part of the solution to bettering the library for the kids. Options discussed were: painting the full space complete with mural(s), upgrading chairs and tables and revamping the Calming Room. The group was asked to look into photos of ideas that they felt would be suitable for the space, etc and email them to Mary who will start a file for the group to review in April/May.

It was suggested by Kathleen that if the library doesn’t pan out as an option for an improved space within the school, the computer room is also in need of reworking.


March 15th, 2017, Salem Elementary School Library, 6:30pm.

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