Minutes – January 18, 2017



Wednesday, January 18th, 2017 @ 6:30pm

Salem Elementary School Library

 In Attendance: Brian Neilson, Sara Harper, Heather Dixon, Monique Tower, Shelly Anderson, Natasha Wilson, Mary Dixon, Mirielle Savoie, Carrie Duggan and Heidi Jones.

Regrets: Karen Piercey, Becky Goodwin, Agnes Koller, Sam Eaton, Karina Power, Rachelle Kingsler and Catherine Gray.


Moved by Shelly Anderson and seconded by Monique Tower that the committee approve the Agenda as circulated.


Moved by Shelly Anderson and seconded by Monique Tower December 15th, 2016 meeting as circulated.


There was no new correspondence at this time.


This item was discussed for information purposes only – deposit made, outstanding cheques and balance to date.


Salem Under the Stars

The group discussed the upcoming event and planned out volunteer help – stations requiring help, and shifts/times required to be satisfied. A list was compiled and all slots were looked after. Additional items were noted (outdoor lights and the possibility of adding Nature NB to the lineup), with follow-ups to be had. More information would be provided as was available.

Toques for Salem Under the Stars

Pricing for the toques was brought forward, and after much discussion it was decided that although they would be nice to have, they would only be usable for very select occasions and were not a necessity. It was therefore decided unanimously that, in the best interests of the program, the funds would be better allocated to additional programming for the kids.


Previous Requests

Wall Painting:

The Grade 1 Team’s Spider Web Wall Painting project is still being looked into, but was recommended that it be moved forward.

Soccer Net:

This item is moving forward. It was noted that the best way to approach this would be to have the school make the purchase in order to save on the HST.

New Requests:

Breakfast Program:

The Lead of the Breakfast Program submitted a request for funding to purchase plates and glassware in the amount of $100.

Moved by Heidi Jones and seconded by Shelly Anderson that the funds be approved for this request.

Winter Carnival:

The Lead of the Winter Carnival submitted a request for funds to purchase supplies for the “Minute to Win it” activities in the amount of $200.

Moved by Monique Tower and seconded by Shelly Anderson that the funds be approved for this request.


Upcoming Open Gym Night:

It was suggested that the upcoming Open Gym Night be either moved to a different date because it is being held during Winter Fest weekend, or it be changed to a different style of event. A Valentine’s Day dance was suggested, but it was decided that postponing to another Friday would be a better option at this time.

New Fundraiser:

Hosting a Paint Night as a fundraiser is being looked into by Becky Goodwin. Further information to be provided at the next meeting.

Salem Send-Off Prep:

Note: A Planning Discussion will be held during the next monthly meeting in order to set the ball rolling for the event in June.

Amendments to SH&SA Constitution:

The recommended amendments to the SH&SA Constitution, as circulated, were discussed.

Moved by Monique Tower and seconded by Tasha Wilson that the amendments be approved as circulated.

Tasha also noted that she would prep Membership Cards for the group.


March 15th, 2017, Salem Elementary School Library, 6:30pm.


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